PA Weight Class Stickers Requirement Expected to be Removed this Fall

PA Weight Class Stickers

As the last state in the country with this requirement, the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association (PMTA) has urged repeal for all trucks weight class 2 and above to display the registration weight class sticker on the windshield.

Update: PA Weight Class Stickers Eliminated Jan 29, 2022

Currently, under Chapter 55 of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s (PennDOT) regulations, trucks, truck tractors or combinations registered to operate at weights greater than 5,000 pounds are required to display a registration class sticker and replace a registration class sticker when stolen, damaged or destroyed.

This regulation will rescind Chapter 55 since PennDOT, interested third parties and law enforcement no longer need to determine the registered weight of trucks, truck tractors or combinations. Instead, third parties rely on the registration card to determine the authorized operating weight of trucks, truck tractors or combinations.

Therefore, the use of a registration class sticker is no longer needed, and its elimination will result in administrative and cost savings to the Department and the regulated community.

The registration class stickers cost the Department an average of $25,000 annually to maintain the needed inventory, which can be saved because of this rulemaking. The long-term administrative savings to the Commonwealth and its taxpayers will have positive financial, economic, and social impacts on the public.


Rescinding this chapter to eliminate the requirement to apply for arid affix registration class stickers will positively impact an estimated 1.6 million Commercial and non-commercial trucks, truck tractors or combinations, including businesses small and large, that are currently required to display a registration class sticker.

The use of a registration class sticker is not mandated by state or federal law. These amendments will not affect other Department regulations or the regulations of any other Commonwealth agency.

It is expected that PennDOT will publish the final regulation this fall after the legislature returns after the Pennsylvania Senate reconvenes September 20th and the House on September 27th.

The final regulatory package was submitted to the Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC) and approved on December 9, 2021.

The effective date for the removal of weight class stickers is January 29, 2022.

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