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DOT Compliance Programs

Owning a trucking company and maintaining everything is overwhelming and time-consuming. With over 25 years of experience in the Trucking Industry, we are fully capable of handling all your DOT Licensing and DOT Compliance needs. Our Five-Star DOT Compliance Programs exist to make truckers’ lives easier at a low monthly cost. We have 5 different DOT Compliance Programs built for companies just like yours.

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DOT Compliance Programs

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Not all companies are built and operated the same, which is why you need a program customized to your commercial trucking company. These 5 programs fit the most common companies in the transportation industry and all the DOT Compliance and Licensing needs that come with them.

4 reasons to be part of a DOT Compliance Program

1. Your company is growing and you are trying to save money.
2. Your company is trying to stay compliant with the FMCSA.
3. Your company has grown and you need a Safety Director or a Safety Department.
4. You want to lower your CSA scores.

We encourage all our clients to join a PSM Program as it is much more cost-effective!


Your dedicated Account Manager will monitor everything for you and inform you of any issues!


PSM Motor Carrier Program

Our PSM Motor Carrier Program is a full-scale program to manage long haul carrier's safety, compliance, licensing and more. This program is designed specifically for the needs of interstate long-haul trucking companies that face a unique set of challenges that need to be handled in specific ways.

PSM DOT Essentials Program

Our PSM DOT Essentials Program is a program designed to keep motor carriers compliant with the basic DOT regulations that nearly all carriers must follow. It is affordable for companies of all types and sizes and helps manage exactly what you need to stay DOT compliant.

PSM Non-CDL Program

Our PSM Non-CDL Program is a full-scale program to manage safety, compliance, licensing and more for moving companies, couriers, landscapers, or any other company falling under DOT regulations but does not employ CDL drivers.

PSM Short-Haul/Construction Program

Our PSM Short-Haul/Construction Program is a full-scale program designed for private carriers that do not haul for-hire. This program is designed specifically for the needs of short-haul trucking and construction companies.

PSM Safety Director Program

Our PSM Safety Director Program is our most comprehensive program and is meant to operate as your company’s off-site Safety Director or to assist your current safety personnel. At times, too much is asked of Safety Directors which leads to communication breakdown and negative effects on your company.

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