Fuel Taxes and IFTA

IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting Made Easy

Filing IFTA Fuel Taxes gets complicated when dealing with tracking receipts, managing mileage logs, matching fuel to taxes, chasing down drivers, and filing with each jurisdiction. For these reasons, trucking companies will have us, a full-service tax provider, manage the process.

Who does it apply to?

IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting is required in your base state for carriers or operators of qualified motor vehicles, most commonly truckers, used in interstate operations.

How do we perform this service?
Fuel Tax Management

Our IFTA Fuel Tax Specialists will work with you to collect your data, ensure your fuel and mileage match, prepare your filings and even file the paperwork for you.

  • Compile and file completed IFTA tax returns on time
  • Compile and file Mileage tax returns for KY, NM, NY, and OR
  • Detailed MPG Reports by Truck, Division, and Fleet
  • Paper driver trip reports, or “paperless” (GPS) data management
  • 24/7 access to our online portal to see past IFTA filings
  • Online backup for fuel receipts and trip permits.
  • Fuel tax training
  • Tax reduction strategies
  • and more

What do we need from you?

We work with many different fuel card vendors and can pull the reports for you.

We will pull GPS reports from your GPS Vendor to accurately calculate your fuel taxes

We offer base state reporting of fuel taxes for operators of qualified motor vehicles, most commonly truckers, used in interstate operations.

When carriers have a person or company act on behalf of them to file their taxes, a Letter of Authority must be submitted.

Need help with a Fuel Tax Audit?
IFTA Audit Representation

An IFTA Audit Specialist can help prepare your company for an IFTA audit as well as represent you during the IFTA audit. We take many specific steps in preparing you for the audit.

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