IFTA Audit

International Fuel Tax Agreement Audits

As a carrier with vehicles subject to the International Fuel Tax Agreement you are subject to an IFTA Audit by the IRS every 5 years. 

Who does it apply to?

All carriers with vehicles that are setup with the International Fuel Tax Agreement are subject to an Audit by the IRS every 5 years. The auditor would be looking at your previous 3 years of relative documents pertaining to fuel receipts, mileage, and trip sheets.

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How do we perform this service?
IFTA Audit Representation

An IFTA Audit Specialist can help prepare your company for an IFTA audit as well as represent you during the IFTA audit. We take many specific steps in preparing you for the audit.

What steps are we taking for you?

Your IFTA Audit Specialist will set up a secure portal for you to scan and upload all of the  necessary supporting documents. The IFTA Audit Specialist will let you know the documents we need. 

Once all of the documents are received, like mileage, receipts and trip sheets, the IFTA Audit Specialist will look over and audit the documents to verify accuracy.

The IFTA Audit Specialist will audit your GPS system for IFTA compliance.

All findings and discrepancies will be presented to you in a full report. Amendments will be filed for any discrepancies.

Following the audit, your IFTA Specialist will review systems and processes and ensure future compliance.

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