ELD Management

Log auditing made easy

Allow our ELD Specialists to manage the logs for all of your drivers. ELD Management consists of log auditing, ELD training, and consulting.

What is the FMCSA Regulation for ELDs?

§395 (a-c) Subpart B Appendix A

The ELD is an electronic module capable of recording the electronic records of duty status for CMV drivers using the unit in a driving environment within a CMV and meets the compliance requirements in this appendix. The below sections discuss who would use an ELD.

CMV drivers employed by a motor carrier are required to use an ELD

Support personnel who have been authorized by the motor carrier to:

(1) Create, remove, and manage user accounts

(2) Configure allowed ELD parameters; and

(3) Access, review, and manage drivers’ ELD records on behalf of the motor carrier.

Who does it apply to?

All CMV drivers falling into a certain category are required to use an ELD. If you must use one, you may benefit from training or allowing our ELD Specialists manage your logs.

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How do we perform this service?
We manage all ELD Systems

Our team of ELD Specialists can help you with your new Pedigree OneView ELD System or whichever ELD System you are currently using. There are a number of ELDs to choose from depending on what you need, however we find Pedigree ELDs to be the most reliable.

What steps are we taking for you?

  • Audit the E-Logs and Paper logs
  • Email template for drivers to use to make change or corrections
  • Review and assign unidentified records
  • Account Manager assigned to your account to make recommendations for drivers who need further training 
  • Train drivers with repeat violations
  • Create reports for each driver tracking their violation
  • Encourage improvement by having drivers sign violation reports that we create
  • Provide consulting hours-of-service
  • Offer phone support for drivers to fix errors on their logs
  • Engage with your ELD provider on your behalf for ELD issues

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