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Are you being audited? We will represent you

Trucking and passenger carriers are subject to DOT Audits, which can happen at random or every few years in certain industries.  Regardless of preparation, DOT audits can be time-consuming, and you will want to be diligent and organized prior to the audit.

What is the Audit FMCSA Regulation?

§385.1 (a-d)

Every carrier is subject to a DOT Audit of some kind. There are several different kinds, including New Entrant Audits, IRP Audits, IFTA Audits, etc. You can review the FMCSA Rules and Regulations below for more detail as to why these rules are in place.

This part established the FMCSA’s procedures to determine the safety fitness of motor carriers, to assign safety ratings, to direct motor carriers to take remedial action when required, and to prohibit motor carriers receiving a safety rating of “unsatisfactory” from operating a CMV. [385.1 (a)]

This part establishes the safety assurance program for a new entrant motor carrier initially seeking to register with the FMCSA to conduct interstate operations.  It also describes the consequences that will occur if the new entrant fails to maintain adequate basic safety management controls. [385.1 (b)]

This part establishes the safety permit program for a motor carrier to transport the types and quantities of hazardous materials listed in [385.1 (c)]

The provisions of this part apply to all motor carriers subject to the requirements of this subchapter, except non-business private motor carriers of passengers.  [385.1 (d)]

Subpart F of this part establishes procedures to perform a roadability review of intermodal equipment providers to determine their compliance with the applicable Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs). [385.1 (e)]

Who does it apply to?

All companies are subject to audits.  You can get audited out of the blue or you can be expecting one every few years if you are in certain industries.  Whether you are prepared or not, an audit can be time consuming, and you will want to put your best foot forward with diligence and organization prior to the audit.

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How do we perform this service?
We represent you during your DOT Audit

One of DOT Audit Specialists will be assigned to you immediately and they will reach out to the DOT auditor letting them know that CNS is representing your company during the Audit.

It is extremely important to contact us as soon as you find out about the DOT Audit.

What steps are we taking for you?

Your dedicated DOT Audit Specialist will take over communication and correspondence with the DOT auditor and get access to information such as Driver and Vehicle Lists, pin numbers, account logins, etc.

DOT Auditors typically give carriers about 5-20 business days prior to the upcoming audit. In this time, your DOT Audit Specialist from CNS will become aware of any issues or violations and get ahead of those issues prior to the DOT audit date. 

Up to 20% of potential fines can be reduced if caught prior to the audit, which shows the FMCSA and DOT that you are willing to spend money, time and energy to make corrective action combatting exposures.

Prepared and organized goes a long way and usually merits favorable outcomes, which is exactly what we accomplish for you.

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