Proactive Safety Management

PSM Short-Haul/Construction Program

Is the Short-Haul/Construction program a fit your company?

Our PSM Short-Haul/Construction Program is a full-scale program designed for private carriers that do not haul for-hire.

This program is designed specifically for the needs of short-haul trucking and construction companies that have different needs compared to a long-haul trucking company.

Need DOT Compliance for Short-Haul?

Our team of DOT Compliance Specialists will manage and monitor your:

  • Drug and alcohol testing requirements
  • Driver Qualification Files
  • Licensing requirements
  • and more

We ensure that your company is following all of the rules and regulations set by the FMCSA with a long-term goal of:

  • Lowering insurance premiums, and
  • Lowering your CSA scores.

Managing and understanding all of the FMCSA regulations and requirements on your own is overwhelming and missing any little detail can lead to audits, fines and other negative consequences.

What is Proactive Safety Management (PSM)?

Proactive Safety Management or PSM is the basis of our business and is somewhat of a motto here at CNS. PSM is an internal term we created meaning you and your company are working hard to be safe and compliant and stay ahead of the FMCSA.

All DOT Compliance Programs were built with Proactive Safety in mind.

The PSM Short-Haul/Construction Program, and all DOT Compliance Programs, are built with a proactive mindset to ensure your safety and compliance is in order. We keep you ahead of the FMCSA and provide peace of mind that there is a team that knows all of the complicated processes to stay FMCSA compliant.

CNS is always on top of everything and they always have the answers we need to keep us compliant and worry free.

TJ Noye

Star View Transport Inc.

Features: PSM Short-Haul/Construction Program

Driver Qualification File (DQF) Management

Driver Safety Meetings (2 per year)

New Driver On-boarding

Full Licensing and Credential Services

DOT Drug and Alcohol Consortium

Initial Risk Analysis

DOT Audit Support

Policies and Handbooks

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Our FMCSA compliant drug and alcohol consortium has over 10,000 collection sites as well as 24-48 hour turnaround times on results for your convenience!

Driver Qualification File management

We manage your Driver Qualification Files (DQF), reducing risk by keeping your driver files accurate and organized. This service is included as part of the PSM Short-Haul/Construction Program.

company goals
We set goals specific to your company.

We understand not all companies are built and operated the same, which is why the goals we set are focused on your needs and where your company needs improvement.

CSA Scores are the primary means in which the FMCSA identifies high-risk motor carriers. Therefore, as a trucking company, lowering your CSA scores is one of the most beneficial things you can do.

Your trucking insurance premiums can be effected by many things, including cargo, driver record, location, operating radius and much more. Our PSM Motor Carrier Program is built around saving you money by lowering your commercial truck insurance premiums.

DOT audits will happen to every trucking company, which is why we represent you and also prepare you with Mock DOT Audits.

DOT rules and regulations dictate that you must keep your Driver Qualification Files (DQFs) up-to-date or your company will not be DOT Compliant. Being part of our PSM Motor Carrier Program relieves you from the tedious process of managing and maintaining DQFs.

Safety Audit Readiness

Audit preparation is managed for you. We organize documents and correspond with officers and even perform Mock DOT Audits to analyze where your company stands from a compliance perspective.

Driver Training

Our DOT trainers offer a variety of in-person, or online training courses for the specific needs or weaknesses of your company. Driver training and education is a very valuable resource to ensure a healthy fleet, and compliant safety practices.

Get your compliance in order

Our compliance specialists make it simple for you and your company to stay in service, avoiding audits and fines that can range from $5,000 up to $75,000.

Other PSM Programs

PSM Motor Carrier Program

A full-scale DOT Compliance Program to manage long haul carrier's safety, compliance, and licensing including services like ELD Management, DQF Management, CSA Score Tracking, Driver Training, and more. This DOT program is designed specifically for the needs of interstate long-haul trucking companies that face a unique set of challenges.

PSM DOT Essentials Program

A DOT Compliance Program designed to keep motor carriers compliant with the basic DOT regulations that nearly all carriers must follow. The PSM DOT Essentials Program can be utilized by companies of all types and sizes and focuses on DQ File Management, Drug and Alcohol Testing, Licensing and Credentials, and more.

PSM Non-CDL Program

A full-scale DOT Compliance Program to manage safety, DOT compliance, DOT licensing and more for any company falling under DOT regulations but does not employ CDL drivers, such as moving companies, local haulers and couriers, landscapers, box trucks, or roofers.

PSM Safety Director Program

Our most comprehensive DOT Compliance Program meant to operate as your company’s off-site Safety Director or to assist your current safety personnel with CSA Score Tracking, Claims Management, Direct Driver Coaching, and more. At times, too much is asked of Safety Directors leading to communication breakdown and negative effects on your company.

DOT Compliance Programs

If you are ready to get started or would just like more information on how you can start being more proactive with your compliance, please fill out the form below. We are here to help and answer any questions.