Passenger Carriers and Bus

What passenger carriers and bus drivers need to know

Passenger carriers should consider two major factors that will determine whether they are subject to commercial regulations, interstate commerce and for-hire transportation. Also, bus drivers are always in demand and we are happy to train you. Our bus driver trainees are trained to be as safe as possible.

FMCSA Regulations for Passenger Carriers?

For-Hire Carriers

Any time a passenger carrier receives compensation for transporting passengers, it is considered for-hire. Unless subject to an exemption, all for-hire passenger carriers in interstate commerce must:

  • Obtain FMCSA operating authority registration (no matter how small or light the vehicles used);
  • Obtain and file minimum levels of financial responsibility (insurance): $1.5 million for operating vehicles of 15 or fewer passengers including the driver; $5 million for operating vehicles of 16 or more passengers including the driver; and
  • Designate a process agent, a representative that can be served with court papers in any legal proceeding brought against a motor carrier.

Who does it apply to?

Passenger carriers are vehicles that transport people from one location to another. Passenger carriers are typically split into two categories, those that transport 15 or fewer passengers and those that transport 16 or more passengers.

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How do we perform this service?
Hire, Train, and Maintain your driver fleet

Hiring, training and maintaining training for all of your drivers is important and should not be overlooked. Having good drivers and reducing turnover is key to your success.

What steps are we taking for you?

When hiring new CDL drivers you will need to start with a driver application and pulling a Motor Vehicle Record to start the qualification process.

Our DOT Compliance Specialists are able to qualify all of your drivers and then manage your driver qualification files as well.

Many get confused about what to do when getting signed up in the clearinghouse. Our DOT Drug and Alcohol Specialists can walk you through getting set up in the FMCSA Clearinghouse.

Every driver needs to have a pre-employment drug test as well as have ongoing drug and alcohol tests.

CDL Drivers are required to be entered into a Drug and Alcohol Consortium for random testing. We are a Consortium/Third Party Administrator (C/TPA) and have over 15,000 locations for testing.

DOT Compliance and Licensing Services

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