About us

CNS is comprised of a team of professional Compliance Navigation Specialists here to help trucking and transportation companies remain safe, compliant and profitable.  While you are busy running your business, our team of professionals work as your partner to navigate through all of the compliance and safety regulations and keep you on the road.

Through a diverse array of services and customized proactive packages, we assist fleet companies and individual owner/operators in complying with the complex regulations of the Federal Department of Transportation. We understand the correlation between your CSA safety scores and the profitability of your business, and we strive to help you turn your CSA scores into an asset, rather than a liability.

Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, we work with companies all across North America. Our Management Team has over 25 years of experience in the transportation industry.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on being rated #1 for customer service.


We value positive, lasting relationships with our team and our clients.

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Communications is key and our DOT Compliance Specialists are always available for clients.


The success of our clients is top priority for our DOT Compliance team.

Management Team

John Irwin, CDS


John Irwin is responsible for the overall strategy and direction of CNS and all of its' subsidiaries.

Melissa Irwin | Chief Human Resources Officer | Compliance Navigation Specialists

Melissa Irwin

Chief Human Resources Officer

Melissa serves as leader in human resources, focusing on attracting the best candidates to the team.

Adam Galante

Vice President of Operations

Adam Galante oversees all company operations and ensures every customer receives quality service.

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Our Values

Our mission

To make the roads a safer place for all to travel by improving the safety, protection and compliance of the industries we serve.

Our Vision

Staying at the forefront of safety, compliance and risk in an ever-changing transportation industry.

Our Values

We value positive, lasting relationships with our team and clients by delivering honest service. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals seeks to understand the communities we serve.

Family of Companies

We assist the transportation industry from all angles
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