Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If your questions are not answered below, you can contact one of our DOT Compliance Specialists and we can answer any other questions you have or assist in setting you up with any of our DOT Compliance and Licensing Services.

Please visit to find a Substance Abuse Provider. After you have gone through the Substance Abuse Program, we can help you with follow-up drug testing.

It depends. The answer is yes if you operate a vehicle outside of a 150 air-mile radius, more than 8 days in a 30-day rolling period. And if your truck engine year is 2000 or newer, you then would be required to have an ELD. There would be a few other exemptions depending on your cargo.

No. You do not need a DOT number if you are not using your vehicle for commercial purposes.

If you receive prize money, awards or profit from the shows in any way, you can be considered commercial carrier and, depending on your weight, you would need a DOT number.

You can watch this video to understand the registration process.

We offer this as a professional service. It is the same idea as if you were to go to a hairstylist versus cutting your own hair. You can do it yourself and save some money, but is it going to look good after it’s done?

Yes. There are some differences when working with each state through their licensing services, but we are able to assist in most cases.

CNS will prepare and represent you through an audit. If you already had an audit, we can represent you through a safety rating upgrade and help with associated fines as well.


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