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Whether you are a driver or a motor carrier, we can help challenge incorrect inspection reports and remove them from your records through the Dataq process. We offer four types of challenges including an Inspection Report Request, Single Violation Review, Crash Preventability Review, and Police Crash Report Request. Review each one below.

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DataQ is the online system for drivers, motor carriers, Federal and State agencies, and others to file concerns about Federal and State data maintained in MCMIS and released to the public by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Whether you are a driver or a motor carrier, we can help challenge the incorrect inspection report to get it removed from your record. When you want to challenge an incorrect violation, a crash that meets the challenge guidelines, or an inspection assigned to you by mistake, you can achieve this through the DataQ process.

We have a great rapport with the FMCSA challenging DataQs. We have the expertise to know exactly what can and cannot be challenged. Our consultants are well-versed in the FMCSA rules and regulations, as well as what an officer is required to note on their report.


  1. Inspection Report Request – Request a copy of the inspection report from the appropriate agency.
  2. Single Violation Review – Review supporting evidence and notes pertaining to a single violation to deem acceptable for a DataQ submission.
  3. Crash Preventability Review – Review the Police Crash Report to determine whether it can be submitted as a Non-Preventable or Non-Reportable Crash.
  4. Police Crash Report Request – Request a copy of the official Police Crash Report from the appropriate agency.


  • Request copies of an Inspection Report
  • Contest incorrect, multiple-listed, or missing IEP/shipper information.
  • Citation with associated violation
  • Assigned to the wrong motor carrier or driver
  • Challenging a DOT Audit/Investigation
  • Challenging a fine as a result of a Notice of Claim or Notice of Violation
  • Crash duplicates, record missing, crash report containing incorrect information, crash preventability program


Collect Supporting Documents
Our DataQ Specialists will collect all supporting documents for challenges.

Collect Inspection Reports
Our DataQ Specialists will request a copy of any Roadside Inspection Reports that are applicable to your request.

Online Portal
We offer an Online Portal to save all your challenges and roadside inspection reports in case of an on-site inspection. This information can be accessed from anywhere at your convenience.

If you need more information, you can visit our DataQ Challenge service page.

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Type of DataQ Challenge:

Inspection Report Request, Single Violation Review, Crash Preventability Review, Police Crash Report Request


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