Thank you to all truckers and essential workers

CNS COMPANIES is a network of companies specializing in services related to the transportation, manufacturing, construction, service, education and medical industries.

We appreciate all you do in this time of struggle.

When we entered into this industry through DOT licensing, compliance and safety management years ago, we immediately recognized the selflessness of truck drivers across the country. Away from their families, transporting goods for other families, battling traffic and changing regulations – it is a tough gig.

Aside from the services we offer at CNS to aid the industry, we always wanted to see the respect that truck drivers deserve shown to them in homes, families, corporations and media across the country.

While we are in dire circumstances with COVID-19 right now, a silver lining has been the recognition of the tireless work of drivers transporting food and necessary supplies to those that need it most.

With hearts full of gratitude, we join in.

Thank you to all drivers and essential workers, today and every day, for your sacrifice and dedication to the needs of those around you.

We are honored to serve you at CNS.

– John Irwin, CDS

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