New Agency Director at NIS

CNS Insurance recently hired Ron Haws as the new Agency Director. With years of experience managing complex business operations in the hospitality industry, Haws believes he is uniquely suited to bring value and exceptional customer service to the commercial trucking industry.

One of his initial goals in his new role as Agency Director is to help truckers reduce operating expenses by enhancing compliance rates. Haws says, “The [trucking] industry is highly regulated and insurance is often one of the largest expenses a trucking company has to manage. Our role at NIS is to help truckers understand the importance of proper compliance with DOT regulations and the need to be vigilant and safe on the roads. Even the smallest DOT infractions can be very costly for truckers.”

As Agency Director, Haws will be responsible for helping both small and large commercial trucking companies meet their insurance needs. Haws added “I am excited to be part of such a strong team of professionals. NIS and our sister company Compliance Navigation Specialists, which specializes in safety and compliance management, are quickly working their way to the front when it comes to insurance and compliance for the trucking industry.”

With autonomous trucks on the horizon and increasing demand for transportation services due to a thriving economy, including demand from e-commerce, NIS is poised to become an industry leader in educating truckers on how to cut expenses through increasing their compliance to regulations. In a time of extreme industry flux, NIS is confident Haws will bring strong leadership to the business unit.


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