2022 CVSA Brake Safety Week: DOT Inspection Results

2022 CVSA Brake Safety Week: DOT Inspection Results

Nearly 4,700 commercial motor vehicles in the U.S. with critical brake violations removed from roadways during 2022 Brake Safety Week!

During the annual CVSA Brake Safety Week enforcement blitz, from August 21-27, 2022, enforcement officials inspected 38,117 commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) across the U.S, Canada, and Mexico.

The goal is to reduce the number of crashes caused by faulty braking systems on commercial motor vehicles by conducting roadside inspections and educating drivers, mechanics, owner-operators and others on the importance of proper brake inspection n, maintenance and operation.

During Brake Safety Week, inspectors primarily conducted the North American Standard Level I or Level V Inspection. Both inspection levels include thorough examination of brake systems and components.

According to CVSA’s released data, 13.3% of the vehicles inspected were placed out of service (OOS) due brake-related critical vehicle inspection item violations.

The annual inspection blitz was conducted at fixed weigh stations, temporary pop-up inspection sites and during roving roadway patrols.

What was the inspection focus?

According to the US federal regulations and the North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria, if your brake system efficiency falls below the minimum of 43.5%, your vehicle will be put out of service.

In the U.S., of the 34,402 CMVs inspected, 4,664 (13.6%) were placed out of service (OOS). In Canada, 1,975 CMVs were inspected and 351 (17.8%) were placed out-of-service for brake-related violations. In Mexico, 1,740 CMVs were inspected and 44 (2.5%) were placed out-of-service.

Also, inspectors identified and documented 6,305 brake hose/tube chafing violations, which are a common brake-related violation that was the focus area for this year’s Brake Safety Week.

Table 2: Percentage of brake hose chafing violations by category and country

CategoryBrake Hose Chafing Violation DescriptionsOOSCanadaMexicoU.S.
1Wear extends into outer protective material, where applicable.No31%34%32%
2Wear extends through outer protective material into outer rubber cover.No40%22%36%
3Wear makes reinforcement ply visible, but ply is intact.No16%29%14%
4Any part of the fabric/steel braid reinforcement ply is frayed, severed or cut through.Yes12%15%19%

Table 3: Number of brake hose chafing violations by category and country

CountryCategory 1Category 2Category 3Category 4Total
North America2,0052,2698841,1476,305

Why is CMV brake safety a big deal?

The CVSA brake safety enforcement and awareness campaigns are meant to remove unsafe drivers from roads and remind drivers that braking systems need to be checked regularly.

Brake-related violations accounted for more OOS vehicle conditions (26.5%) than any other vehicle violation during CVSA’s three-day International Roadcheck inspection in May 2021.

According to FMCSA 2020 “Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts” report, “Brake system” was the third most cited vehicle-related factor in fatal commercial motor vehicle and passenger vehicle crashes.

Regular checks help to preserve the safety of both the drivers and others on the road. Although this campaign had a specific focus on brake violations, inspecting the brakes is a normal part of procedure during roadside inspections.

Stay DOT compliant

Knowing your CSA score, how it affects your company, and all the requirements to pass inspections, whether it be for brake safety or suspension and steering, will allow you to stay compliant with the DOT and plan your operations more efficiently.

All CNS services are geared toward keeping your trucking company safe and DOT compliant.

For more information, contact us at 888.260.9448 or info@cnsprotects.com.

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