Driver File Management

Stay Accurate, Organized, and Diligent

DOT rules and regulations dictate that you must keep your Driver Qualification Files (DQFs) up-to-date at all times. If the FMCSA came in your office today, would you be prepared?

Accuracy, organization, and diligence are crucial to keeping your files in order and ready for an audit at a moment’s notice. Our DQF System Management is completely customizable to your individual needs. The consultants at CNS stay in communication with you regarding document updating, as well as offering comprehensive reports upon request, and reports of routine audits by our own DQF Auditors.

Our driver management and new hire management services will exceed your expectations. You focus on trucking, and let us focus on your driver file management. If you have a fleet of drivers, we assure you that you can’t do this cheaper in-house. Eliminate the administration cost and have Compliance Navigation Specialists manage your files. You need to keep your drivers qualified because your drivers keep your trucks moving.

We will ensure that your information is collected, current, and complete. In addition, we will continue to update your files as required, and let you know when an updated piece of information is needed.

Our service includes:

  • Web-based Compliance and Management Reports and Document Image Viewing
  • Tailored applications and forms for your company
  • Online Driver Application and driver files for your driver to complete
  • Record Retention
  • Initial driver file audit when on boarding
  • Monthly expiring documentation reporting
  • Motor Vehicle Record Checks (MVR)
  • Electronic event and notifications
  • Drug and alcohol record keeping
  • FMCSA clearinghouse annual limited query
  • Audit support

New Driver Hire Program

We know you need high quality drivers, and you need them on the road fast. That’s why Compliance Navigation Specialists has developed a new hire program that will streamline your hiring process.

Our New Hire service includes the following:

  • Tailor Drive Qualification file (paper) or Online Tailored Driver Qualification File (Paperless)
  • Initial Audit
  • Previous employer inquires completed on your behalf
  • Initial Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)
  • Pre-Screening program report (PSP)
  • Online Record Retention
  • Pre-employment drug screening verification
  • Doctor on medical card verification
  • FMCSA clearinghouse full query
  • Driver Qualification
  • New Hire phone support
  • and more

Interested in combining multiple services?

Our safety management programs can be tailored to fit your needs.

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