Is your AOBRD compliant?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has released the following reminder about ABORD requirements.

If you are permitted to use an AOBRD, it must follow all Federal AOBRD regulations.

All AOBRDs must meet the standards outlined in 49 CFR 395.15 and must be operated with the following features at all times:

  • Integrally synchronized with the operations of the commercial motor vehicle in which it is installed
  • Record engine use
  • Record road speed
  • Record miles driven
  • Record date and time of day

If your AOBRD does not meet the standards outlined in 49 CFR 395.15, you are in violation of 49 CFR Part 395 and may be cited for 395.8(a)(1), failing to use the appropriate method to record hours of service data, and your driver placed out-of-service.

For more information on appropriate AOBRD use during this phase of ELD implementation, see the ELD Implementation Timeline or read the ELD Frequently Asked Questions.

To assist companies in transitioning to the ELD rule, FMCSA permits motor carriers that had automatic on-board recording devices (AOBRDs) installed and in-use prior to the December 18, 2017, ELD Compliance Date to continue using these devices through December 16, 2019. If you are looking to be compliant with the ELD mandate and want a reliable ELD solution check out Pedigree’s Cabmate One.

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