Alternate Cargo Securement for Agricultural Commodities Approved by FMCSA

April 15th 2019, FMCSA granted a waiver to the American Trucking Associations’ Agricultural and Food Transporters Conference.  This allows alternate securement for ag commodities transported by wood or plastic boxes and large fiberglass tubs, or for hay, straw and cotton bales that are grouped by large singular units.

Wood and Plastic boxes and bins should be secured by perimeter tie-downs used in pairs with corner irons, along with blocking at the front end of the trailer.  Trailers 32 ft long or less would also require the use of at least one lateral tie-down in the center of the trailer.  Trailers longer than 32 ft would require at least two lateral tie-downs.

Fiberglass tubs need be secured with at least two perimeter tie-downs – one attached near the front right corner of the trailer crossing diagonally to the left rear corner of the tub, and one attached near the front left corner of the trailer and extending to the right rear corner of the tub.

Baled Cotton, hay, straw and other similar commodities in horizontal bales would have to be secured with at least two parallel longitudinal tie-downs over the top of the load and by a least four cross tie-downs if loaded more than one tier high.  Vertical bales would have to be secured with two perimeter tie-downs.  If stacked in two tiers, two longitudinal tie-downs that extend over the top of the load and at least four cross tie-downs.

The exemption is effective through April 15, 2024.

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