Proactive Safety Management

Is my company FMCSA compliant right now?

You should be asking yourself this question daily, because you have no idea when the FMCSA will audit your company.

This is why we have built the Proactive Safety Management (PSM) service for you.

We understand not all companies are built and operated the same, which is why we help manage safety and compliance for all companies that interact with the FMCSA .

  • Are you a growing company and trying to save money?

  • Do you need a Safety Director or a Safety Department?

  • Is your company trying to stay compliant with the FMCSA ?

Whether you are a large trucking company that needs to onboard drivers quickly or a construction outfit with various trucks in your fleet on the road and you need to stay aware of FMCSA regulations, we understand.

All services that we offer work together and have been reverse engineered to get you through a FMCSA audit.

Investing in a complete Proactive Safety Management (PSM) package to manage your compliance will save you a lot of time and a lot of money from the fines and penalties you will incur.

Proactive Safety Management (PSM) | DOT Compliance Services | CNS

What is proactive compliance?

Proactive compliance means you are not waiting until you get audited by the FMCSA to make sure you have everything in order. Note: It is only a matter of time until you are audited.

Our Proactive Safety Management (PSM) program keeps you one step ahead of the FMCSA and provides peace of mind that there is a team that knows all of the complicated processes to stay FMCSA compliant.

Proactive safety


  • Organized and measured plan to lower SMS scores
  • A team of experts that costs much less than hiring a safety director or team
  • Constant monitoring to keep your operation FMCSA compliant
  • Shorten driver hiring process and get coordinated results back to stay compliant
  • Monthly reporting and goal setting to hold your team accountable
  • Unlimited and Secure Cloud storage for your documents
  • Quarterly Driver Training on subjects that are relative to your operation
  • Lower insurance premiums - PSM package has been proven to lower premiums
  • Monthly reporting and goal setting to hold your team accountable
  • Audit preparedness and representation
  • Price breaks for multiple drivers and onboardings
  • Personal account manager for any questions or concerns
  • Membership rates on Occupational Health services (e.g. - physicals, blood tests, audiometry)
  • Quarterly Fuel Tax filings through our internal system
  • Up-to-date company policies and handbook FMCSA rules and regulations change
  • Authority Renewals completed correctly and on time

PSM Service breakdown

Below are some of the individual services that are included under our Proactive Safety Management program. We are able to customize a plan for you based on your needs.

DQF Management

We manage your Driver Qualification Files (DQF), reducing risk by keeping your driver files accurate and organized.

Safety Audit Readiness

Audit preparation is managed for you. We organize documents and correspond with officers.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

CDL drivers are drug tested and Drug Consortium enrollment, if you meet the FMCSA requirements.

Mock DOT Audits

Mock DOT audits of your company are conducted using the same criteria as an FMCSA officer.

Driver Training and Safety

Access to driver and safety trainings, addressing problematic areas specific to your company and drivers.

Vehicle Maintenance

Management of your vehicle maintenance to meet the specific driving demands of your company.

ELD Management

We will assist in getting you set up with an ELD and help manage it, keeping you full compliant.

Fuel Taxes

Account managers manage your fuel taxes, including tracking receipts and mileage logs.

DataQ Challenges

We help challenge incorrect inspection violations in an attempt to remove it from your record.

New Hires Program

Screening of all applicants, including an interview, background check and employment history verification.

Licensing and Registration Renewal

Your account manager handles all of your licensing, registration and authority renewals.

Policies and Handbooks

We write and update policies and company handbooks for your company that complies with FMCSA guidelines.

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Start being proactive with your compliance today!

Talk to one of our Compliance Specialists and discuss a customized plan for your company that meets your needs and keeps your trucking company growing.

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with a few services?

We will customize a compliance
package to your exact needs

Let our professionals walk you through
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we offer services for
companies of all sizes

We pride ourselves in being flexible for our clients and working with all types of different carriers. Owner Operators with 1 to 2 drivers may not have the time or energy to keep up with all that is required of them. We also work with larger fleets who need the expertise and knowledge to stay ready.

Just need one service?

DOT Driver Training

Driver training

We will provide safety training to your drivers and address problematic areas specific to your company and drivers.

DOT Audit | DOT Compliance Services | CNS

mock dot audits

We conduct a company audit using the same guidelines as the FMCSA and make recommendations based on our findings.

Driver Files Management | DOT Compliance Services

driver file management

We will manage your Driver Qualification Files (DQFs) and reduce your risk by keeping driver files accurate, organized and diligent.

Drug Screens | Occupational Health | CNS

drug consortium

All CDL drivers must be drug tested. If you meet certain requirements, you will need to be enrolled in a Drug Consortium as well.

Proactive Safety Management

If you are ready to get started or would just like more information on how you can start being more proactive with your compliance, please fill out the form below. We are here to help and answer any questions.