HAZMAT Compliance & Training

HAZMAT Compliance

CNS is specialized to handle your HAZMAT compliance training. There are many requirements among states and authorities to keep track of when it comes to hauling hazardous material. Non-Compliance can be the imminent death for a company, as the severity of fines and penalties can be up to $186,000.

HAZMAT Certifications

General Awareness (every 3 years)
Function Specific  (every 3 years)
Security Plan

HAZMAT Training

hazmat sticker

Segregation & Separation by highway
Special and Unique Moves
Transportation & Security for Management
Much More…

CNS Hazmat Specialists can provide Hazmat Employers and Hazmat Providers the training and compliance needed to keep their operation ahead of and ready for potential risks.

Hazmat Experts all agree, you MUST have a security plan in place that can be taught and understood by employees. The security plan should be implemented into the operation following the training.  Carriers should revisit existing plans periodically to update procedures and review consistently with the shippers, drivers and handlers.  Also, when hiring new employees, they must be trained and certified as well.

For other DOT Training visit: https://www.cnsprotects.com/dot-training/

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