Ep014 | Self-Driving Trucks TODAY?! | Guest: Kodiak Robotics

Ep014 Autonomous trucks are here podcast
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Ep014 | Self-Driving Trucks TODAY?! | Guest: Kodiak Robotics

Today we are going to talk about the race for fully autonomous trucking to become reality with hopes to transform the $4 trillion global freight industry.

The aim is Level 4 autonomy, meaning full automation without human intervention.

If the technology is nailed, then peak hours of travel can be circumnavigated to provide greater assurance on cargo arrival times, partnered with improved safety of fellow road-users, fleets would expect to see more balanced routes and improved safety scores and fuel efficiency. Of course, truckers are hoping for a slow transition of autonomous tech that will leave plenty of time for operation optimization and new opportunities rising across the supply chain as traditional driving transitions.

Well, we will look at the autonomous trucking industry with help from Michael Wiesinger, the Vice President of Commercialization at Kodiak Robotics which was founded because they believe autonomous technology will save lives, not just some day, but soon.