Ep013: Future of In-cab and Vehicle Tech

Ep013_Future of In-cab and Vehicle Tech_Caution: Wide Right podcast
Caution: Wide Right
Ep013: Future of In-cab and Vehicle Tech

We all know that in 2018, ELDs were pushed across the trucking industry… but, did you know, that the technology goes back to AOBRDs since 1988!

Since then, the telematic and vehicle tracking hardware and software has improved dramatically, helping both truckers manage their time and equipment; as well as carriers manage fleet efficiency and safety.

But right now we are dealing with a bottom in the freight recession, high costs in vehicle maintenance, insurance carriers are dealing with high claims and increased nuclear verdicts, and more.

So, how can vehicle tech help today and what are the next steps with this technology?

We find out as we chat with John Elsner CEO of Pedigree Technologies and Joshua DeCock, VP of Product Management. Pedigree is a premier provider of tech solutions in the telematics and “Internet of Things” space for North America. In fact, in 2021, the company received an Internet of Things Innovator Award for Trucking Fleet Management!