Ep012: Changing How Trucking Includes Women

Ep012 | Changing How Trucking Includes Women | Guest: Ellen Voie of WIT
Caution: Wide Right
Ep012: Changing How Trucking Includes Women

With me today is the one and only founder of the Women In Trucking organization, Ellen Voie. Ellen is an internationally recognized speaker and authority on gender diversity and inclusion for women in transportation. She started WIT in 2007 after decades in the transportation industry and saw it grow from hundreds to now over 8,000 members across 10 countries! Women in Trucking basically represents women that design the trucks, build the trucks, buy the trucks, sell the trucks, own the trucks, fix the trucks, and drive the trucks! And I am sure you can include the brokers, insurance agents, safety and compliance industry, human resources, and more. Ellen, Welcome to the podcast!

WOMEN IN TRUCKING: https://www.womenintrucking.org/

00:00 | Women In Trucking Early Reflections

04:16 | Will Ellen get another tattoo?

05:21 | Trucking and Relationships Roles at Home

11:32 | Girl Scouts WIT Transportation Patch

15:49 | What’s Harder: CDL or Pilot License and their Pre-Trips?

19:10 | CB Handle and Favorite Trucking Movie?

22:10 | How did WIT Mentorship program get started?

23:40 | How to Mentor women in trucking

25:05 | WIT Mission and Success Today

33:20 | WIT Accelerate Conference is Awesome!

35:12 | What’s Next with Ellen Voie after WIT retirement?

36:50 | Advice for men in trucking? BE ALLIES!