New Entrant Audit

All new interstate motor carriers are part of FMCSA’s New Entrant Program for 18 months following registration and receipt of a U.S. DOT Number. New entrants must complete a safety audit between the first 6 and 18 months of operation.

CNS Specialists will prepare you and complete the audit on your behalf. Most audits are completed through the web. On occasion you will receive an audit onsite.

How It Works:

  1. Upon signing up for a New Entrant Audit, one of our DOT Specialists will reach out to you right away. (New Entrant Audits usually need to be completed within 20-30 days of notification.)
  2. CNS Specialists will set up a secure portal for you to scan all the supporting documents. (If you prefer mailing, emailing or faxing your documents we will accept your preferred method of communication as well)
  3. CNS Specialists will send you a list of needed supporting documents. If you are missing or do not have a few of the documents we can help you obtain those documents promptly.
  4. CNS Specialists will audit all supporting documents for compliance. For documents that are not in compliance, CNS will provide guidance on what needs done to become compliant for your audit and for the safety and health of your company.
  5. CNS Specialists will submit all documents to the FMCSA for review. CNS will correspond with the DOT officer regarding anything else that may be needed.
  6. Upon the DOT officer’s approval,  you will receive a letter stating that you are released from the New Entrant Program.

We find that the average amount of time it takes our specialists to complete is an 1.5 hours.  This service is all done through the electronic communication unless client request CNS to be onsite.

Audit Services

We are here to assist with all DOT compliance needs and any type of DOT audit you are going through, including New Entrant Audits, IFTA Audits, IRP Audits, Audit Representation and we will even perform a Mock Audit for your company.