IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting



Managing IFTA requirements can be challenging. Between tracking receipts, managing mileage logs, matching fuel to taxes, chasing drivers and filing with the jurisdictions, it’s easy to see why many companies search out solutions for the complicated process.  CNS takes those worries away!  CNS is a full service tax provider that can manage the entire process for you from start to finish, and offers custom simple solutions for companies of all sizes.  Our fuel tax specialists will work with you to collect your data, ensure your fuel and mileage match, prepare your filings and even file the paperwork for you directly. 

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Late filings, inaccurate high miles per gallon are a few items that can trigger an audit and cost you in penalties and interest.

What We Do

  • Compiled and filed completed IFTA tax returns on time
  • Compiled and filed Mileage tax returns for KY, NM, NY and OR
  • Detailed MPG Reports by Truck, Division, and Fleet
  • Paper driver trip reports, or “paperless” (GPS) data management
  • Access 24/7 to your own online portal to see past IFTA filings
  • Online backup for fuel receipts and trip permits.
  • Fuel Tax training
  • Tax reduction strategies
  • Much more


No contracts. We keep more money in your pocket by completing your fuel taxes accurately and on time, and with our simple pricing structure. We charge $135 per hour. For example, on average a 1-3 truck operation takes a CNS fuel tax specialists 1.5 hours to be completed.

What Is Needed From You

  • Fuel Receipts or Fuel Card Reports (We work with many different fuel card vendors and can pull the reports for you.)
  • Trip Sheets or GPS Reports (We can pull the GPS reports from your GPS Vendor.)
  • Based state IFTA Filing Report
  • Authorization Letter

GPS Regulations

Don’t go into an audit without CNS.  Let CNS navigate you through the audit process to minimize potential fines and violations.  We will work with the auditor to maximize optimal results and get the auditor out of your office quickly.  Our consultants can negotiate and/or eliminate an assessment on your behalf. Contact one of our specialists today.

Fuel Tax Audits

Don’t go into an IFTA audit alone. Our consultants will provide valuable audit support. We will work with you and the auditor to make sure you get through it with optimal results. CNS can negotiate and/or eliminate an assessment on your behalf, as well. Contact one of our specialists today.

Fuel Tax Reporting

Do you have questions about Fuel Tax Reporting for your company? We are here to answer any questions. Fill out your information and we will get in contact with you within 24 hours.
  • Max. file size: 32 MB.