IFTA Audit

CNS specialists can perform a mock IFTA audit to assess your company, or we can represent you during an IFTA audit. Either way CNS Specialists can ease your mind by leading you through the process of an IFTA audit!

How It Works

  1. Upon signing up for an IFTA Mock Audit, one of our IFTA Specialists will reach out to you within 1 business day.
  2. A CNS Specialists will set up a secure portal for you to scan all the supporting documents. (If you prefer mailing, emailing or faxing your documents we can accept each of those methods of communication as well)
  3. A CNS Specialist will send you a list of documents needed.
  4. CNS will audit all fuel receipts and/or statements, to verify accuracy.
  5. CNS will audit miles and verify routes, for accuracy.
  6. CNS will audit your GPS system for compliance with the IFTA rules and regulations, if applicable.
  7. CNS will submit all discrepancies for your review.
  8. CNS will work with you on introducing new systems and processes, if applicable.
  9. CNS will submit and amended filings on your behalf, if applicable.

Most mock audits and/or audit representations will include the most recent 4 quarters. An IFTA auditor may ask for information preceding the past 4 quarters, and if required, CNS will audit previous quarters.  This service is an online based service to keep the investment to a minimum.*

Audit Services

We are here to assist with all DOT compliance needs and any type of DOT audit you are going through, including New Entrant Audits, IFTA Audits, IRP Audits, Audit Representation and we will even perform a Mock Audit for your company.