Preparing for your DOT Physical

What should I bring to the DOT Physical Exam?

If you are scheduled for a DOT Physical Exam you will need your current driver’s license, your old medical card (if applicable). To save time, you may complete section one of the Medical Examination Report.

Drivers who take medications:

If you are on a medication please bring in a list of all your medications, including doses and your doctors contact information.

Drivers who have diabetes:

Drivers who are diabetic need a fasting blood sugar and HGA1C done within past three months and insulin-using diabetics need the special form completed by the physician who prescribes the medication within 45 days of it being completed, plus test results.

Drivers who have high blood pressure:

High Blood Pressure drivers should have blood work not older than 6 months (routine blood work done on High blood pressure patients, creatinine, BUN, fasting glucose, Electrolytes and ECG if 1 year or less old.)

Drivers who are required to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses:

Drivers will need to bring their eyeglasses or contact lenses to pass a vision test.

Drivers who have hearing devices:

Drivers will need to bring your hearing aids to pass a hearing test.

Drivers who have heart related issues:

Drivers will need to bring documentation from their cardiologist that reviews medical history, current medication and doses and indicates that your driver is safe to drive a DOT vehicle. In some cases your driver may need to bring the results of a recent ECHO cardiogram, stress test or any other required testing that has been completed within the past 1-2 years.

Drivers who have sleep apnea:

Drivers must provide a 1 year print out from their CPAP device, that shows usage compliance greater than 4 hours; at least 70% of the time, per night.