FMCSA waives CDL, medical certification renewal regs

Waived through June 30

Due to the effects of COVID-19, the US Department of Transportation will not enforce certain licensing and medical certification renewal regulations for drivers whose credentials expired on or after March 1, 2020.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued a waiver Tuesday extending commercial driver’s license and commercial learner’s permit validity until June 30 for those that expire on or after March 1. CLP holders will not be required to retake the general and endorsement knowledge tests if utilizing the waiver.

The notice also waives the requirement for drivers to have a medical exam or certification, as long as the drivers have proof of a valid medical certification that was issued for at least 90 days and expired on or after March 1.

The waiver follows President Trump’s national emergency declaration on March 13 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. FMCSA says a number of states have more employee absences than normal or closed offices, making it difficult for commercial drivers to renew their licenses. Additionally, FMCSA notes many medical service providers have canceled regularly scheduled appointments, not allowing drivers to get appointments for DOT physicals with medical examiners.

In addition to the above waivers, the notice also:

  • Waives the requirement that CLP holders wait 14 days to take the CDL skills test.
  • Waives the requirement that truckers provide states with a medical examiner’s certificate, as long as they have proof of a valid med cert that expired on or after March 1.
  • Waives the requirement that states change drivers’ med cert status to “not certified” upon the expiration of the certificate if it expires after March 1.
  • Allows FMCSA to continue to recognize the validity of Canadian and Mexican commercial licenses when those jurisdictions issue similar notices extending license validity

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UCR Registration Fee Schedules announced – Avoid Pricing Scams

Ads for UCR Registration Fees and pricing scams

You may already be getting organized for 2020, and that is commendable, but one task you may want to put on hold is your 2020 UCR (Unified Carrier Registration).

Since the fee schedules have just been announced, they will be officially released in the next few days and any companies attempting to collect your registration fees now may be a scam.

The UCR Fee Schedules have just been announced

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced 2020 fees on February 4, 2020 and will be officially releasing the fee schedule sometime in the following days.

At that time, the 2020 UCR Registration fees will be officially established. Even so, the UCR Board will recommend delaying enforcement for three months from the start of the registration period.

UCR Renewals Currently Advertised Could be a Scam

Depending on when you are reading this article, you should be cautious of ads claiming to renew your UCR. It is possible they are a scam. This applies every year, whether it be 2020, 2021, and so on.

The start of the UCR registration period was delayed in 2020 and could be the case for 2021 and the following years. Many companies send out email advertisements claiming to offer UCR Registration or Renewal. This could be a scam, depending on when the fee schedules were released, if they have been released at all.

For 2020, the UCR Fee Schedule has just been announced and will be official once posted in the Federal Register. In the future, just be sure to confirm with Compliance Navigation Specialists to confirm whether the pricing has been released.

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As we mentioned above, avoid providing information or funds to any person or company claiming they can renew your UCR at this point. Unfortunately, these attempts to collect money before the fee levels are officially released are scams. We would not want any carrier in our industry to be harmed or lose money on a scam attempt.

Fees may be lower than previous years

In many cases the FMCSA proposes reductions in the annual registration fees, so it is possible that prices will be lower than in previous years, should that proposal go through.

For 2020, our UCR filing fees will remain the same as 2019.

Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) filing

We are a trustworthy UCR Filing Service

After the UCR fees are released, all interstate motor carriers will need to update registrations before the deadline. So, while you should wait until the official fee levels are released, plan to use a filing service that knows our industry.

This is where Compliance Navigation Specialists can help you. Our UCR filing service processes your new UCR or your renewal, quickly and accurately. We will file the paperwork and determine the fees, so you can stay focused on your vision for your carrier business.

Visit our UCR filing page to find out more about which states will need a UCR and how we can help you file or renew your UCR accurately.

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FMCSA proposes fee reductions for Unified Carrier Registration

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently issued a proposed rule that would reduce Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) fees for 2020 and 2021.

The reduction in annual UCR fees applies to motor carriers, private motor carriers of property, brokers, freight forwarders and leasing companies that are paying fees to their respective state.

What is the Unified Carrier Registration fee reduction?

The UCR fee reduction would be for 12.82% in 2020 and 4.19% in 2021, based on the rates paid in 2018, however the Unified Carrier Registration vice chairman of the board of directors stated that the rates are expected to decrease by another 1-2%.

As an example, a carrier with a fleet of two or more trucks paid $69 in 2018 and $62 in 2019, but after the fee reduction, they would only pay $60 in 2020 and $66 in 2021.

How are the UCR fees calculated?

Fees are calculated based on collections of the second year prior, which would be 2018 right now. Based on federal law, requests for fee adjustment are required when the annual revenue exceeds the maximum allowed and the board estimates that by the end of 2019 the total revenue will exceed the maximum by $3.08 million.

If there are excess funds after other costs are covered, such as payments to the states and administrative costs, they are retained and fees for the following year are reduced.

Based on the board’s research, the fee reduction includes a reduction in the amount of the administrative cost allowance from $3.5 million to $3.2 million for the 2020 and 2021 UCR Agreement registration years. They have also determined that the administrative cost allowance needed for the 2020 and 2021 registration period should be $3.2 million for each registration year.

The agency reviewed the board’s formal recommendation and concluded that its projection of the total revenue received for registration year 2018 is acceptable.

Licensing services

We offer many different services related to licensing, including assisting with your Unified Carrier Registration (UCR).

All of our services are geared toward keeping your trucking company safe and DOT compliant.

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