Proactive Safety Management

Tailored Compliance Packages

Transportation companies across North America are learning that systems and processes that have worked in the past regarding Safety & Compliance does not necessarily work anymore. Keeping up with Federal and State regulations is a full-time job, whether it is keeping up with your driver’s files, maintaining proper vehicle maintenance files, hours of service requirements, surviving DOT audits and the list goes on.  That is why Compliance Navigation Specialists created tailored compliance packages for your specific operation.

Many companies are finding it increasingly hard to maintain proper systems to make sure they are staying compliant throughout the year. Compliance Navigation Specialists can be your best solution, to support or act as, your safety department for a fraction of what it costs to hire a part time employee. We pride ourselves in being flexible for our clients and working with all types of different carriers. Owner Operators with 1 to 2 drivers may not have the time or energy to keep up with all that is required of them. We also work with larger fleets who need the expertise and knowledge to stay ready. CNS can be a valuable asset by keeping your company safe, aware of regulatory changes, proactive in all phases of potential risks, as well as more profitable.

We will create a custom plan to work with whatever you need and have a team of professional compliance officers guide you through each process. Our services are purposely constructed to pass FMCSA audits, road-side inspections, and legal fees. Being proactive with your safety and compliance can make all the difference!

Compliance Navigation Specialists-Mock Audit


Proactive Safety Management Services

Driver Qualification File Management

  • CNS will minimize Carrier-Trucking Company’s risk by enrolling your drivers in our Driver File Management program. We will be proactive in organizing and maintaining your DOT driver documentation.
  • After Initial Enrollment in Driver File Management, CNS will Audit all driver files to make sure they are in compliance.
  • CNS will send back forms to Carrier-Trucking Company’s Management, that drivers need to fill out.
  • CNS will notify Carrier-Trucking Company’s Management directly of Driver’s expiring documents that will include Driver’s Licenses, Medical Cards, Motor Vehicle Reports, Annual Reviews, HAZMAT, and more.
  • CNS to provide annual reviews of Driving Record.
  • CNS will Audit Driver Files periodically throughout the year to keep all drivers in compliance.
  • CNS will verify Medical Examiner Verification through National Registry.
  • CNS will keep Electronic Copies of all driver files and provide customized forms for your business, that meets FMCSA regulations.
  • CNS will work to ensure all DQF’s for Carrier-Trucking Company will be ready to pass an FMCSA audit.
  • Carrier-Trucking Company will have access to our Online database, where all driver files are saved electronically.

New Hires Program

  • New Hires can fill out all Driver Qualification Files(DQFs) online or may come to (CNS-Lititz, PA location) to fill out.
  • Driver Qualification Forms are Company Specific to Carrier-Trucking Company.
  • CNS will pull Motor Vehicle Reports, and verify Medical Examiner through National Registry.
  • Previous Employer Inquires will be executed by CNS and 3 good faith attempts will be recorded for non respondents.
  • Carrier-Trucking Company Applicants can fill out DOT applications through interactive web URL link.
  • Carrier-Trucking Company will receive a qualification report on Driver Applicant.
  • Carrier-Trucking Company Hired applicants will be 100% compliant.

Drug & Alcohol Consortium and Testing

  • Professional guidance from CNS consultants through accessing drug and alcohol consortium services.
  • CNS will provide regulatory reviews of Compliance records.
  • CNS to provide In house Medical Review Officer, with random selection and proper notification.
  • CNS will provide DOT Audit Support on all required tests.
  • Carrier-Trucking Company can have it’s own Driver Pool for random selection or enroll in CNS general consortium.
  • 10% picked for Alcohol Testing and 25% picked for Drug Testing, in accordance with FMCSA regulations.
  • Test takers are picked quarterly and Test Takers will be sent to Carrier-Trucking Company’s DER
  • Chain of custody forms are specific to Carrier-Trucking Company.
  • Carrier-Trucking Company will have access to Drug and Alcohol Consortium Portal.
  • Over 8,000 locations for testing.

Data Q’s

  • CNS will challenge questionable violations on your behalf.
  • CNS will protect your CSA score by challenging incorrect violations that show up on SMS.
  • CNS will procure necessary documents and send professional response for removal of a violation from your FMCSA score.
  • Successfully challanged violations will be removed within a few days, up to a few weeks, depending on jurisdiction.

Vehicle Maintenance

  • CNS will help create systems and processes, as well as creating a maintenance schedule.
  • CNS Account Manager will collect DVIRs, work orders, receipts for all scheduled vehicles.
  • CNS will be organizing all files relative to each vehicle to ensure FMCSA standards are met.
  • CNS will follow up with Carrier-Trucking Company to ensure preventative maintenance is being conducted and followed.
  • Scheduled Maintenance Reminders will be sent out by CNS account manager.
  • CNS will be following up with Carrier-Trucking Company about Vehicle Maintenance Roadsides and other work that needs to be performed.
  • CNS will provide correct forms and templates used for Vehicle Maintenance.
  • CNS will consult with Carrier-Trucking Company to pin point costly and non efficient vehicles.

Hours of Service- ELD Management

  • Mandatory Log Auditing will be checked by a Specialist looking to pin point troublesome areas.
  • CNS will audit E-logs and Paper logs provided by Carrier-Trucking Company.
  • CNS will look for discrepancies and unidentified records and we will make necessary assignments.
  • CNS will provide consultancy for Hours of Service rules, helping you to be proactive in avoiding costly fines.
  • CNS will create reports indicating Drivers and their violations.
  • Drivers with violations will get a violation report to sign off on, so they understand what they did wrong and how to improve going forward.
  • CNS will help Carrier-Trucking Company add or retire ASSETS, DRIVERS, USERS to ELD platform or software.
  • CNS will offer Driver support for Driver’s ELD questions and roadside support
  • The account manager will make recommendations for drivers who may need additional training.
  • Drivers with no violations will also receive a letter acknowledging no violations.

Policies and Handbooks

  • CNS will write policies for Carrier-Trucking Company that will comply with FMCSA guidelines.
  • CNS will provide Company handbook for employees to sign and return.
  • CNS will work with Carrier-Trucking Company management to integrate systems and processes.

Safety Audit Readiness

  • CNS will prepare you for any potential upcoming audit.
  • CNS will organize requested documentation and correspond with officer on behalf of client.
  • CNS will represent you in person during an Official DOT Audit (Travel Costs not Included.)

Driver Training & Safety Meetings

  • On-site or off-site Driver Trainings or Safety meetings a year followed by a driver Question and Answer session.
  • Driver Training Can be specific as to Carrier-Trucking Company problematic areas, or can be generalized to cover all safety and compliance.
  • CNS will schedule meetings when it best suites Carrier-Trucking Company’s availability.
  • CNS will provide sign in sheets to record subject, minutes, and Drivers that attended.
  • CNS will provide certificates for participating Drivers.

Mock DOT Audit

  • CNS will conduct on-site or off-site mock DOT audits throughout the year.
  • CNS Auditor will setup Online portal for Carrier-Trucking Company to upload requested documentation into portal within allotted amount of time. All documentation will be audited using same formula and algorithms as FMCSA.
  •  CNS will provide a Detailed report given to Carrier-Trucking Company detailing audit findings.

Quarterly Fuel Taxes- IFTA

  • Filing of quarterly Fuel Taxes, and IFTA renewals.
  • CNS will alert Carrier-Trucking Company, as to when documents will be needed for filing.
  • Filings for NY HUT, KY HUT, NM HUT, and OR.
  • Online Cloud Storage.
  •  Auditing IFTA mileage from GPS system.

Licensing & Registration & Authority Renewal

  • CNS will help you navigate through the complexities of the FMCSA  and state licensing requirements.
  • CNS will help with tilting and registration, 2290 Heavy Highway Tax, IFTA setup & renewals.
  • CNS will file Fuel Tax reporting for quarterly fuel taxes
  • CNS will file HUT States quarterly fuel taxes
  • CNS will file UCR registration

Account Management

Carrier-Trucking Company will be assigned a CNS account manager. The Account Manager will be your liaison, guiding you through the safety management process throughout the year. The account manager will be your point of contact for your account. The account manager will give your company a monthly progress report showing what work was completed on your behalf and discuss how SMS scores are trending. They will also be sending out a monthly focus/flier to your team.


Proactive Safety Management