New Business Venture Compliance Survival Kit

Pass an audit, avoid DOT fines, and stay compliant.

We designed this kit to help your new business venture succeed and flourish.

This package provides you with the correct information and detailed instructions about filing your documentation properly. We offer more information and more do-it-yourself forms than our competitors.

The Survival Kit includes:

  • 1 Driver Qualification File
  • 1 Vehicle Maintenance File
  • 1 Federal DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Employee File
  • 1 DOT Accident Register
  • 1 Driver Log Book
  • 1 Vehicle Log Book

This Survival Kit takes you through a step-by-step process to stay compliant with requirements for hours of service records and necessary documentation in case of an audit.

Do you have a more in-depth question or need clarification on an item you received in this kit?

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