Advantages of having ELDs for Drivers

ELD Data Management Driver Scorecards

ELDs are the new technologically advanced system for tracking driver safety and hours on the road. While they may take some time to get used to, it can be done.

As a new federally mandated law in the US—and maybe soon to be mandated in Canada—there are many advantages of the new federally mandated law and learn why you should see it as an advantage instead of an annoyance.

Systems like the Pedigree ELD system can track your driving habits to help you stay safe and compliant with the new laws.

  1. An ELD can lead to more money for you!
    It has been estimated that drivers spend over 20 hours per year filling out paper logs of their driving. With an ELD system the driver no longer needs to fill these out, eliminating approximately 15 minutes each day just for paperwork while still staying compliant. You can also round your driving to the nearest minute instead of 15 minutes. While these amounts of time may seem small they definitely do add up.
  2. ELDs eliminate the lengthy inspection process.
    The results are clear cut for the officer. There are no questions because everything is in one place and tracked digitally.
  3. No more pesky paperwork for the truck driver
    Most truck drivers hate filling out all the paperwork after each drive. With the addition of an ELD system, drivers no longer have to fill it out because they just need to quickly login to the system and then they are done!
  4. Get a warning when you are getting close to your maximum time
    ELDs will tell you when you are getting too close to breaking a rule whether it be missing your 30 minute break or driving too long in one day. The system is designed to help you stay safe and compliant and avoid fines that could cost you.
  5. Build a resume for yourself!
    ELD systems allow a driver to have documented proof of their safety record. When they are applying for new jobs they can show the new potential employer how safe they are.

There are so many advantages of the new ELD system. Between making extra money and building a resume for yourself, the new system is helping more drivers to stay safer than ever and be able to prove that they are.

Does all this sound complicated?  Having a company that will consult with your ELD management system will help save you time and hassle.

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Monthly Newsletter

June 6, 2023

Watch the most recent episode for a Quick Trucking News Update