Ron Haws

Professional Overview

As the Agency Director for CNS Insurance, Ron is dedicated to risk mitigation and the safety education of truckers across the country.

Ron brings 25 years of management experience to NIS and has proven leadership in high risk and human capital-intensive business operations. His technical expertise in finance, law, general business issues and complex systems and processes with organizations in the $3 million to $7 million revenue range make him especially well-suited for the multi-state footprint and growth of NIS.

Ron is a committed life-long learner and loves the insurance industry and its associated complexities. His passion is to help truckers save money and protect themselves financially while being always accessible to talk on the phone or answer emails. For Ron, service is as important as the insurance coverage.

Personal Overview

In his spare time Ron spends time with his three dogs, catching up on yard work, enjoying time with friends and family as well as the latest on Netflix and streaming in general.

Ron is also an avid cyclist and swimmer and can do both with a glass of wine in his hand.