Jolyn Graham

Professional Overview

Jolyn is the Vice President of Operations of the CNS Driver Training Center. He has worked in the trucking industry as a Commercial Truck Driver for the past 10 years with experience ranging from a large pickup truck and trailer to Class A tractor trailer hauling oversized loads.

Jolyn has a positive attitude, always looks to improve and plans to take what he has learned on the road and apply it to CNS Driver Training Center so all trainees become safe and successful truck drivers.

Jolyn is dedicated to the development of professional, skilled drivers through the CNS curriculum and training and will be instrumental in the growth and success of the CNS Driver Training Center.

Personal Overview

Outside of work, Jolyn enjoys travelling and spending time with his wife, attending Nascar races, snowboarding, or a good Marvel movie if he isn’t on the move.

His favorite place to travel and ideal place to live is Belize in Central America because of the excellent food and year-round warm weather. Even though he leans toward warm weather, as an avid snowboarder, he knows what he is doing on the slopes.