Licensing Services

CNS licensing services are created to make interaction with government authorities quick, cost effective and painless.  We will learn your operation so we can accurately setup and renew your required authorities.

IRP Audit

Licensing Services

International Registration Plan – IRP

Heavy Highway Use Tax – 2290

International Fuel Tax Agreement – IFTA

Corporation Documents – LLC, LLP, S-Corp, C-Corp

Operating Agreements

EIN – Employer Identification Number

Lease Agreements

Title Management


Why Choose Compliance Navigation Specialists for your Licensing and Permitting needs?

Compliance Navigation Specialists has been licensing and permitting trucking companies for over 30 years, that’s how we got started!  Our team knows the nuances of licensing and permitting. No matter what state you are located in, your size (from one vehicle to a thousand vehicles), nor the complexity of your operation, we here at CNS can handle it. If you’re just getting started we can help obtain all the relative information you need to be compliant and legal. If your an established company we can help add new or delete vehicles from you account, track and renew your vehicle registrations, title management and much more.