GPS Tracking: Why You Need It

It’s Your Compliance and Profitability Solution

We know that FMCSA is requiring the switch from paper logs to ELDs by 2017, so let’s maximize your transition with added benefits!

Our customized GPS Tracking System is an accurate and easy solution for both compliance and profitability. It easily helps to increase billable miles and reduce fuel, maintenance and other operating costs.

Here are several ways Track Logic GPS will benefit you:

  • Increased Efficiency & Profitability
  • Government Compliance
  • Reduced Liability & Risks
  • Independent Trailer Tracking
  • Maximum Security
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Improved Employee Satisfaction
  • Environmentally Conscious/ Promote and advance your GREEN initiatives
  • Protect your vehicles and employees/ Heightened Safety
  • Generate tangible Return-on-Investment (R.O.I.) results
  • Reduce operating costs


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