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With today’s ever changing rules and regulations, your fleet company must be assured of total compliance. CNS will make sure you and your operators avoid compliance pitfalls which often result in heavy fines, penalties, higher insurance rates, loss of customers, and damage to future revenue. The Federal D.O.T. can ultimately shut down the transportation part of your business for non-compliance.  Don’t let that happen!  Let CNS guide you to safety, security and success.

Through CNS’s Fleet Services you can rely on our experts to handle the complicated regulatory work and monitoring for your company. There are certainly challenges to operating a fleet efficiently, and the increasing government regulations has only added further details and difficulties for company leaders and fleet managers. We make staying on top of changing regulations our business so you can focus on yours.

Contact a Compliance Navigation Specialist today find out how we can impact your business by helping you with:

  • Conditional Ratings
  • DOT Compliance
  • Driver File & Log Book Management
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Vehicle Maintenance & Insurance
  • Compliance Tips
  • And Much More


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