Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

ELD- Pedigree Technologies-Compliance Navigation Specialists

CNS is a partner and authorized reseller of Pedigree Technologies ELD Systems

Compliance Navigation Specialists has searched high and low for a partner in the telematics or electronic logging device (ELD) industry.

We found that Pedigree offered a great product with a team of technicians that were looking to improve efficiency and streamlining your operation to run smooth and at a great price that we stand behind.

Prior to partnering with Pedigree, we tested over 20 ELD systems and found that the “OneView” platform and infrastructure was far greater compared to the competition.

CNS is now a partner and authorized reseller for Pedigree Technologies. When you purchase through CNS, you will find great customer support and a partner who knows the DOT rules and regulations to keep you and your ELD running smooth.

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