CDL Driver Training

Personalized Training Services

CNS Driver Training Center will cater to those who are not able to do full class days by working around your schedule to give you time blocks available throughout the day. You will have the ability for one on one training with our specialists.  We believe the best experience is being able to practice with hands on experience and providing you with the confidence to refine your weak areas until you have mastered them.  Instead of sharing driving time with your co-class you will have the luxury of practicing one on one with a seasoned industry professional trainer.  We want our driver trainees to take pride in their CDL knowledge they receive as well as creating our own brand of drivers who are able to influence others on taking ownership of their craft. Training will be performed in our private lot, located in Ephrata, PA.

Specialized Training on Gooseneck Trailers

We know that you may not need to learn how to drive a full fledge 80,000 pound tractor trailer, but you still need CDL training on your truck and gooseneck trailer that is rated over 26,001lbs. We can provide the relative equipment and will provide practical, comprehensive training that you will use throughout your career as a professional driver. Call us to schedule a training appointment.

Specialized Training for your Company

Compliance Navigation Specialists can customize a training solution for your company’s drivers. We understand that businesses may have a few different operations happening at once and prospective drivers may need specialized training relative to those different areas.  We want our driver trainees to feel confident on the road knowing they were set up for success by following through with our courses.

Our equipment

  • Western Star (Manual) (Air Brakes)
  • Freightliner (Manual) (Air Brakes)
  • Ford 250 (Goose Neck Hitch)
  • IC School Bus (Air Brakes)
  • 52′ Dry Van
  • Low Boy Trailer
  • Goose Neck Trailer

What is required before starting CDL training?

  • You need a DOT physical exam to obtain your medical card
  • You need to obtain your CDL permit
  • Motor Vehicle Record (included in package)
  • Drug test (included in package)

CDL Training Package includes:

  • 20 hours of behind-the-wheel training
  • CDL test
  • Motor Vehicle Record (required before first training)
  • Drug screen test (required before first training)

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CDL Training

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