CNS Moves To New Headquarters, Further Growing its’ One-Stop-Shop for Transportation Industry Professionals

CNS COMPANIES is a network of companies specializing in services related to the transportation, manufacturing, construction, service, education and medical industries.

Lititz PA- Today, Compliance Navigation Specialists (CNS) is pleased to announce our new company and affiliate headquarters is now open. Our operating address is changing to 151 Koser Road, Lititz PA 17543, effective January 1st, 2022.

CNS-Companies is the fastest growing one-stop-shop transportation compliance company locally, and across the contiguous United States, working with industry leading brands, serving more than 2,000 clients and overseeing half a million units.

“The space allows us to serve our clients more collaboratively and add room for our proven and continued growth” says John Irwin, Founder and CEO.

“Our new one-stop-shop location will not only allow us to reach more clients throughout North America, but also be more effective within our local community. Over the past year we have added more relevant services for local transportation companies including DOT physicals, HAZMAT training classes, CDL exam preparation, Occupational Medicine, among others. The added space will allow us to expand these services and better serve our clients.”

The 21,000 square-foot two-story building features a 65-foot indoor bay designed for conducting Pre-Trip inspection trainings as well as any other non-driving training sessions. In addition, there is a large training center, allowing the CNS Driver Training Center to hold CDL classroom training, as well as pre and post-training meetings to discuss trainee improvements. The larger space is launching the development of a state-of-the-art CDL Training Program, including things like a CDL Training Simulator, hands-on displays for vehicle maintenance training and much more.

CNS Companies Headquarters 151 Koser Rd. Lititz, PA

The CNS Occupational Medicine division has a full drug testing facility as well as multiple dedicated physical examination rooms to conduct several different types of DOT and OSHA required physicals, flu shots, audiometric testing and many other medical services.

The CNS Licensing Center has several offices as well and a bull pen area to hold 40+ employees. Both floors will be fully utilized by employees of CNS and its’ subsidiaries—CNS Insurance, CNS Licensing Center, CNS Driver Training Center and CNS Occupational Medicine.

This facility is designed to be a one-stop-shop covering all angles of the transportation industry including driver training, safety and compliance consulting, commercial truck insurance coverage, and occupational medical services. Long-term plans include opening similar facilities across the country thus growing the CNS brand nationally.

Thank you to all truckers and essential workers

We appreciate all you do in this time of struggle.

When we entered into this industry through DOT licensing, compliance and safety management years ago, we immediately recognized the selflessness of truck drivers across the country. Away from their families, transporting goods for other families, battling traffic and changing regulations – it is a tough gig.

Aside from the services we offer at CNS to aid the industry, we always wanted to see the respect that truck drivers deserve shown to them in homes, families, corporations and media across the country.

While we are in dire circumstances with COVID-19 right now, a silver lining has been the recognition of the tireless work of drivers transporting food and necessary supplies to those that need it most.

With hearts full of gratitude, we join in.

Thank you to all drivers and essential workers, today and every day, for your sacrifice and dedication to the needs of those around you.

We are honored to serve you at CNS.

– John Irwin, CDS

2nd Annual Compliance Conference (Recap)

On January 31, 2020, Compliance Navigation Specialists hosted our 2nd Annual CNS Compliance Conference held at the Eden Resort in Lancaster, PA. Overall the event was a success and had an excellent turnout, bringing in over 215 attendees from across Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia.

John Irwin—CEO of Compliance Navigation Specialists—kicked off the event addressing the state of compliance for 2020 and also later discussed the tiered weather system to be implemented this year and also discussed CVSA road checks and the top violation among carriers across the country, which for 2019 was hiring unqualified drivers.

We also had Shane Phillips—Compliance and Enforcement Specialist with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture—who discussed 2020 Spotted Lanternfly Permitting, the Department of Agriculture’s Spotted Lanternfly program, updates and/or changes to that program and what counties are currently under quarantine for the Spotted Lanternfly.

Our keynote speaker for the conference was David Yessen—FMCSA’s Director of Compliance. Mr. Yessen primarily covered the FMCSA Clearinghouse, who needs to sign up, how and who it effects. The clearinghouse effects CDL drivers for carriers across North America. Mr. Yessen engaged many attendees at the conference regarding their experiences with getting registered in the clearinghouse.

Watch Mr. Yessen’s speech now (Speech starts at :52 minutes)

Following Mr. Yessen was Denny Beecher—Commercial Auto Underwriter at Interstate Insurance Management Inc.—covering the many factors that effect insurance premiums and underwriting in the commercial trucking industry. Mr. Beecher mentioned some of the most common triggers in various states for increasing your premiums, including driver history, experience level and crash rates.

Watch Mr. Beecher’s speech now (Speech starts: 1 hour and 52 minutes).

Next, we heard from several PA State Troopers and Motor Carrier Enforcement officers who spoke specifically about different approaches the state was taking to mitigate accidents, which is their top priority. They listed out the top counties that had the highest accident frequencies and roadside violations. They also discussed information regarding DataQ’s or challenging violations that appear on a carrier’s Safety Management System (SMS) and how to go about challenging those violations. Learn more about the DataQ process.

Watch PA State Trooper’s speech now (Speech starts at beginning of video 2).

The conference concluded with a Q&A session incorporating all speakers, giving attendees the opportunity to ask any specific questions that were gathered throughout the conference.

Anyone interested in watching the conference can like our CNS Facebook page to watch all or portions of the conference.

Enjoy some photos from the 2nd Annual Compliance Conference

2nd Annual Compliance Conference – Part 1
2nd Annual Compliance Conference – Part 2

Ray Martinez leaving FMCSA at end of October

DOT recently announced that the current FMCSA Administrator, Ray Martinez, will be leaving his position; his last day will be October 28th.

Mr. Martinez has been heading up the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) since March 2018 and has been a very active and involved leader, with initial intentions of settling differences between the agency and the trucking industry. Martinez regularly attended trade shows and conferences to talk to industry leaders and discuss updates on FMCSA work.

How will current FMCSA projects be affected?

Since he started in March 2018, Martinez began work on two major projects, the overhaul of the hours of service regulations and the pilot program for younger interstate drivers.

With this change occurring in the middle of these programs, the major question most trucking professionals have is, will this effect or prolong these programs from being completed? The answer tot his question is unclear, however, there is a good chance that these programs will see a delay.

The move is a result of an ongoing desire to be closer to family in Massachusetts, where he will manage a DOT construction project at the Volpe Center. After switching positions with the current deputy administrator—Alan Hanson (new DOT chief counsel)—Jim Mullen will temporarily replace Ray Martinez until President Trump nominates a permanent replacement.

If you have any questions, call 888.260.9448 or email at

July Spotlight: Brownsberger Transport Company

This month’s CNS Spotlight is on Brownsberger Transport Company of Lititz, PA.

Andrew Brownsberger—owner and driver of Brownsberger Transport Co.—has been operating since 2010. As a car hauler for the thriving auto auction industry in central Pennsylvania, he has grown to a 4-truck operation with plans to grow further in the future. Andrew has watched the industry change in the last few years with a much higher focus on Hours of Service (HOS), especially after the ELD mandate took effect in 2018.

We sat down to ask him a few questions on how he manages his HOS scores, logs, and his drivers in an ever-changing trucking industry.

CNS: Andrew, what issues did you find regarding HOS rules prior to the ELD mandate last year?

Brownsberger Transport Company, ELD mandate, HOS

Andrew: I think the 30-minute break rule is unnecessary. I don’t feel like that creates safer roads or working conditions. I do agree with HOS; we don’t want people driving over 11 hours. I know from my experience that I would be tired after 11 hours of driving.

CNS: Do you find yourself having any issues after the HOS mandate?

Andrew: Yes, although I agree with HOS. Paper logs are easier to use for many reasons. But with the new technology it makes it harder to correct simple mistakes that happen.

CNS: What system do you have in place for checking logs for your drivers at your company?

Andrew: Pedigree for the ELD hardware and software and CNS for consulting.

CNS: How has the use of the Pedigree Technologies CabMate One helped you regarding staying compliant with the HOS regulations?

Andrew: It clearly lets you know if you are in or going to be in violation.

CNS: Do you have any suggestions for other carriers that may be struggling with HOS rules and regulations?

Andrew: Driver training and being able to manage your work time better is key. If you are having trouble with making changes within the culture, hire CNS.

Brownsberger Transport Company, ELD mandate, HOS

CNS Spotlight featuring Rohrer’s Quarry Inc.

Discussion on Vehicle Maintenance

Our CNS Spotlight for the month of June is on Rohrer’s Quarry Inc. and their vehicle maintenance practices. With the CVSA Roadcheck Blitz on June 4th – 6th focusing on steering and suspension, we decided to ask Ryan Zimmerman, VP of Rohrer’s Service Center, a division of Rohrer’s Quarry his thoughts on how he maintains his fleet.  Rohrer’s Quarry has a fleet of 51 power units and does a great job in maintaining their fleet. Below is the Q&A and some great insight from a company that does it the right way.

Rohrer’s Quarry Inc. has been a staple of Lancaster County, and the Lititz community for many generations now. Rohrer’s came from humble beginnings in the 1800’s to the thriving business it is today and has been family owned and operated since 1937. Ryan, who has been with Rohrer’s since 1997 handling their fleet maintenance, knows the importance of keeping his vehicles in great shape and in good working order.

Q1. With the upcoming Road check focused on steering and suspension systems what should a driver look for to make sure they are compliant?

A thorough pre-trip can catch most issues before the DOT inspector can. Pay close attention to the easy things an officer can pick out. Check for broken springs or loose hardware and U-bolts in the suspension, look for rust trails or shined-up components, an indication of shifting front and back. With the engine off, check the steering shaft from column to steering gear box; there should be no play in shaft or u-joints. Start the engine and rotate steering shaft back and forth and observe the drag link and tie rod ends you can see from the left side, looking for loose components. Look for power steering system leaks and rubbed or frayed hoses.

Q2. What do you see as the most common defects in steering and suspension systems?

The most over looked component is the steering gear input shaft. Any play in this component is non-compliant with the DOT. Another common defect if you are operating a vocational truck in rough jobsites, the suspension springs will get weak and break over time.

Q3. How often do you recommend drivers check for defects in steering and suspension systems?

I feel it is a good practice to check steering and suspension systems at the start of every shift with your pre-trip. Not only will it give you peace of mind in the event of a DOT inspection, this check also allows you to get to your destination and back home safely and without a roadside service call.

Q4. How often should a truck come in for preventive maintenance?

How often your truck requires maintenance depends mostly on how it is being used. Is your truck in a vocational, city, or over-the-road application? All truck manufactures have specific service guidelines based on fuel consumption and idle/PTO time that will give a description of normal, heavy or severe duty. It can be calculated by engine hours or mileage; this is generally 500 – 1300 hours or 5,000 – 45,000 miles. If you are unsure of how often to seek preventative maintenance ask your local independent service provider or dealership, they will partner with you to fit your application and needs. Know your truck and take care of it, it will provide reliable service to you.

Q5. What are the key items that should be checked for during a preventive maintenance check in?

A lot of roadside/breakdown issues and DOT issues can be addressed during PMs. This is an area where it can be costly to cut corners. These are some of the key items you or your service provider should be checking:

  • Brakes; lining adjustment, automatic brake slack operation, wheel seals, cracks and hardware issues
  • Steering/Suspension; Springs/air bags, Kingpins, wheel bearings/seals, steering links
  • Oil level checks and lube necessary brake, steering and suspension components, and check for fluid leaks, filters and fluids that need replaced
  • Belts and hoses, tire condition, exhaust leaks, and general operation of truck.

We want to thank Ryan and Rohrer’s for their time and insight on this topic.  All in all, it pays to be Proactive and get ahead of any issues that are in question.  Any questions about your Vehicle Maintenance, feel free to reach out to CNS at

CNS and affiliates announce new headquarters to be completed in 2021

Lititz PA- Compliance Navigation Specialists (CNS), is the fastest growing full-service transportation compliance company locally, and across the contiguous United States.  Today, CNS is pleased to announce the new company headquarters is to be built and completed by late 2021. The new headquarters will be located at 151 Koser Rd in Lititz PA.

“We greatly look forward to our new headquarters for our family of companies. The space will allow us to serve our clients more collaboratively and add room for our proven and continued growth” says John Irwin, Founder and CEO. “Our new location will not only allow us to reach more clients throughout North America, but also be more effective within our local community. Over the past year we have added more relevant services for local transportation companies including HAZMAT training classes, CDL exam prep, among others that are completed at our current location. The added space will allow more driver training and safety classes. Another new service that has been added this month are DOT and PA School bus physicals, and the new location will give us options to expand occupational medicine services as well.”

CNS will build a two story 19,000-square foot building on 4.10 acres zoned I-1 in Manheim Township. The building will be called The HUB. “We named the new headquarters The HUB, due to the fact that it will be the center of activity when it comes to transportation licensing, compliance and risk management.” The property will house Compliance Navigation Specialists, CNS Insurance, Carolyn’s Notary Service (Carolyn’s Notary Service will enjoy two locations with the new build – the current Copperfield Circle location, and the new Koser Road location) and the newest affiliate CNS Driver Training Center.

The building will feature an indoor 65 foot bay for Pre-Trip inspection trainings, a large training center with monthly training classes to be held, physical examination rooms, a drug testing facility, vehicle licensing center as well as offices with a bull pen area for 40+ employees. The upstairs will be left vacant for future use or potential partners that would be a relevant fit for our clientele.

The completed build date is scheduled for End of 2021.

About CNS and Affiliates
As the fastest growing, industry-leading, full-service compliance company, CNS delivers results for its clients. Proactive Safety Management services save companies time and money when it comes to safety, licensing and risk management. Powered by technology, a knowledgeable staff, industry leading partners and affiliates, CNS is the preferred partner for transportation companies around North America. CNS and affiliates serve more than 1,800 clients, overseeing half a million units and works with industry leading brands, visit ( CNS is affiliated with Carolyn’s Notary Service, a licensing and auto tag business serving Pennsylvania’s complete licensing and registration needs ( CNS is also affiliated with CNS Insurance, an insurance agency specializing in transportation insurance for the trucking and motor coach industry serving 23 states (


Making Roadways Safer One Trailer at a Time

We’re gearing up for the second annual national Trailer Safety Week to be held June 2-8, 2019! By participating in this safety campaign, we hope to improve the safety of the nation’s roadways by raising trailer safety awareness through education of end-users, dealers and manufacturers on safe trailering practices. The goal is to close the communication gap between trailer manufacturers and end-users to make towing safer.

Whether you’re a dealer or manufacturer, pointing end-users to the information on is an easy way to help improve our nation’s roadways. End-users are vastly undereducated on the proper use of trailers. It’s crucial to utilize the connections that dealers and manufacturers have with consumers to increase safety and awareness.  From driving tips to trailer maintenance and components, the Trailer Safety Week website provides end-users with need-to-know information regarding trailer safety in an easy to understand format.

In addition to resources found on the Trailer Safety Week website, trailer dealers and manufacturers have the opportunity to attend various events held across the nation. During these events, dealers will learn about the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers’ Compliance Verification Program and the importance of trailers being built to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. In addition, attendees will learn about the resources available for dealers to offer end-users. Trailer safety publications will also be distributed at these events as well as Trailer Safety Week key-chains. Unable to attend an event? Order you Trailer Safety Publications here.

Amazon Cracks Down on Carriers with Bad Safety Records

While the economy is currently strong, the trucking industry is always an excellent barometer of the state of the economy as well as where it could be headed in the near future.  Companies that contract out loads to local shippers – for example companies like Amazon – are becoming more stringent with the local shippers procuring loads.  Regional dispatchers and brokers are usually hesitant to work with carriers that have poor SMS scores and conditional safety ratings.

The last few months more companies such as Amazon, are no longer working with carriers that have conditional or unsatisfactory ratings – period.  Carriers may have had a safety or compliance review from the 1990’s and since that time, run a very compliant and safe operation.   What we at Compliance Navigation Specialists are seeing is companies like Amazon no longer working with carriers with a conditional rating – no matter the company SMS scores or job performance.  What had been an issue that was left up to brokers to use a carrier at their discretion has now become company policy that only non-rated and satisfactory carriers can secure loads.

The conditional ratings that have been hiding on SAFER or where simply overlooked in the past, now must be dealt with and removed.  CNS can address these issues with a Corrective Action Plan and Safety Rating Upgrade request that will be submitted to the FMCSA.  CNS also helps explain the process to Brokers and Dispatchers demanding documentation from Carriers.  Carriers often lose time and money when trying to remedy these situations themselves, writing their own Corrective Action Plans which tend to be inadequate.  Once submitted to an FMCSA regional office and respective state for upgrade, months could pass before a review is processed.  If the review is denied, carriers have more work and time to spend on resubmitting.  This is where hiring a professional firm to handle the safety rating upgrade from the start will save you time and inevitably, money.


Learn more on how we can help with your safety rating upgrade. 

Don’t have a bad safety rating but are worried you may not pass an audit? Learn more how CNS can help you prepare for an audit.

Now Offering DOT CDL Physical Exams

CNS is now offering appointments for DOT medical card exams. The service will be provided at CNS headquarters, located at 151 Koser Road, Lititz PA 17543 as well as onsite exams across PA for fleets. The service will also extend to PA School Bus medical exams.

Exam appointments can be scheduled Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each Month.

CNS has hired, John Reel, PA-C, MPAS, as our new Certified DOT Medical Examiner.     DOT CDL Physical Exams

John has 35 years of experience in emergency medicine, general surgery, family practice, pulmonary medicine, internal medicine, occupational medicine and urgent care. John was named one of 50 Physician Assistants Who Make A Difference Today by the National Commission of Certified Physician Assistants Health Foundation in 2017.


Schedule an exam today! or by calling 717.625.0280 Option 2