Our Management Team

Our Experienced Team Is Here To Help!

CNS has a wealth of experience and expertise in all areas of compliance and safety. Let our team of professionals help your company navigate the many challenges of the complex regulations set forth by the Federal Department of Transportation.

John Irwin | DOT Compliance Services | CNS
Melissa Irwin | DOT Compliance Services | CNS
Adam Galante | DOT Compliance Services | CNS

John Irwin, CDS
Chief Executive Officer

Melissa Irwin
Chief Administrative Officer

Adam Galante
Vice President of Operations

Chris Kiehl | DOT Compliance Services | CNS
Jolyn Graham | CDL Training | CNS

Christopher Kiehl
Vice President
of Business Development

Ron Haws
Agency Director
(CNS Insurance)

Jolyn Graham
Vice President of Operations
(CNS Driver Training Center)