Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Our Mission

To impact the transportation industry for the better, focused on our business, ensuring the best products and services to our customer, and provide a great future for all our team members.

Our Vision

At CNS, it is our responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of compliance and safety for the security and profitability of our clients.  We are partners in creating a positive future for the trucking industry. Our vision is put into action through building strong relationships, assembling a professional team of experts, connecting with the current technology, conducting ourselves with integrity, focusing clearly on the needs of our clients, and acting as an example of servant leadership within our industry.  We commit to adding value to our clients through making CNS a truly sustainable, relevant and leading organization.

Our Core Values

RELATIONSHIPS: We value strong, positive relationships throughout our team.  We build our team through honoring our families and God.  The bond that we create each and every day is due to excellent communication and team unity.

PROFESSIONALISM DISCIPLINE:  We deliver a professional team through the knowledge, expertise and education provided.  We are punctual, and we fulfill commitments to deliver results. We do not make excuses.

INTEGRITY: Our duty is to deliver an honest service to our customers while being loyal to ourselves, our team and CNS.  Our honesty has earned our customers’ trust.

DETERMINATION: We are relentless, adopting a sense of urgency to deliver superior results. We are committed to results by focusing on the details, and taking responsibility. We make things happen.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP: We put the needs of our clients, community, and fellow employees first. We serve others. We develop leaders for the future.

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