New DOT Drug Testing CCF Form Required August 30, 2021 Or Cause Delays

After August 30, 2021, using the old DOT CCF form will cause affidavits and result in delays.  The Department of Transportation (DOT) announced the updated and revised Federal Custody and Control (CCF) for DOT drug testing is available now and must be used by August 30, 2021. This is a required component of the DOT … Read More

When to Use the Most Effective Methods of Drug Testing in Company Policies

Of the three different types of drug testing – urine, oral saliva, and hair testing – which one is most effective to determine drug use? Urine has been the “gold standard” as the most common method for drug testing across the industry, even as oral (saliva) and hair testing techniques have improved reliability over last … Read More

DOT Random Drug Testing Percentage Rate Increase (2020)

50% increase for DOT random drug testing Each year, the FMCSA evaluates the rate of positive testing results for controlled substances. Depending on the reported figures, they modify their testing percentage rates. For 2020, according to the FMCSA’s notice of program change, the testing percentage rate for controlled substances has increased to 50% of the … Read More

COVID-19 Pandemic Increases Positive Drug Tests and On-Site Testing

Since the emergence of COVID-19, the importance of drug and alcohol testing and driver physicals have not changed, especially considering positive drug testing rates have increased in April and May since 2019. According to Clinical Reference Laboratories (CRL), positive drug test rates are up by more than 16% in April and 24.1% in May year-over-year. … Read More

Mobile Drug and Alcohol Testing

Want to save time and money? Our medical professionals are available to go on-site and perform drug and alcohol tests. This can be very helpful in preventing the headaches of scheduling employees for tests. Our team will perform tests on-site at one time, eliminating the guess work of ensuring that tests are completed. On-site testing … Read More

Drug & Alcohol Testing Registration – Test 2016

Drug & Alcohol Testing $50.00 / driver Includes membership and consortium Truck drivers have a tremendous responsibility to public highway safety. One way CNS helps keep roadways safe is through our drug and alcohol screening services. Screenings keep drivers accountable and your trucking business secure. Our services include an a la carte drug testing program, … Read More

Drug & Alcohol Testing Registration

EMAIL US 888-260-9448 DOT Drug Testing Consortium Our comprehensive Drug & Alcohol Consortium Administration Services (C/TPA) is available for companies that are regulated by Federal and State government. BECOME A MEMBER DOT Consortium: 1-14 Drivers This membership is a flat rate of $80/driver for enrollment and includes any in-network random drug tests for 1 year. … Read More

3 Reasons to Switch your Driver Drug and Alcohol Consortium (C/TPA) Management

Is your Consortium/TPA (C/TPA) experts in DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations? You can find out by reading their drug testing blog articles, see if they offer drug testing management training, and look at their customer reviews. Companies today, regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT), face strict drug testing regulations and complicated management processes … Read More

States Will Downgrade CDLs Quickly for Recent FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Violations

FMCSA Will Notify States of Recent Drug and Alcohol Violations and Require States 60 Days to Revoke CDLs One of the biggest FMCSA drug testing loopholes is closing as state driver license agencies (SLDAs) will soon be required to initiate the downgrade process for licenses of drivers who have a drug or alcohol violation in … Read More

Lab Delays Increase with Quarterly Testing Spike, Shipping Delays, and CCF Errors

Many businesses requiring pre-employment or random drug testing are seeing delays in drug tests across the country. We understand the frustration to get these employees working as quickly as possible. As we continually reach out to labs to check the status of the specimens for our client’s, below are what we are seeing causing the … Read More